The Logger is a multi-channle device, each channel having a 16 bit resolution. The memory size is 512 k. Power is via mains or battery.


Temp and RH Sensor: Standard height over short grass.

Technical Information.

Barometric Pressure Sensor: Standard Installation.

Technical Information.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge: Non-standard exposure.

Technical Information.

Surface Moisture Sensor: Standard Exposure. All of the above instruments were supplied by Unidata Europe Limited.


Wind Speed/Direction Sensor: Mounted on chimney at 10 m. Supplied by R M Young of Chicago, through Unidata - Technical Specifications

Solar Radiation Sensor: Mounted on 8 ft pole with limited exposure. Supplied by Sky Instruments, through Unidata.

Electronic Stand-Alone Sunshine Recorder: Mounted on chimney. Connected to logger. Supplied by R D Electronics. Website:

Technical specifications for all the above instruments will be added to this page when I find time to scan then in.