There are four uploads each day.  Two are at set times: 1300 and 1800
(gmt/bst as appropriate).  Two further uploads are made during the day: one
at no specific time before 1200 and another after 2100.  More uploads will be
made if conditions warrant.


Data is logged every 15 minutes on a sample rate of one second.  The data
logged are:-

Temperature             Deg c        Raw*        Max         Min         ave

Grass Min               Deg c        -           -           Min*        -

RH                          %        Raw         max*        min*        ave*

Pressure                  Hpa        Raw         Max*        Min*        ave*

Surface Moisture           Mv        -           Max*        Min*        -

Solar Energy             W/m2        raw*        Max         Min         ave*

Wind Speed                Mph        Raw*        Max         -           Ave

Wind Direction            Deg        -           -           -           Ave

Rainfall                   mm        Raw         -           -           -

Sunshine                Hours        Raw         -           -           -

Dewpoint                deg c        Raw*        -           -           -

In the preceding table the colomns marked with a * are not displayed in the daily data.